The fight-back against allergies starts here – welcome to the world of the Viaskin® patch!

Although the modern world has made so many advances in the field of medicine, some of the ailments that afflict us are immensely persistent. At, you can find out more about one of the most stubborn medical issues known to man – allergies.

In its attempt to find an effective solution to the problem of allergies, DBV technologies has developed the Viaskin® patch, which you can see below.


How the Viaskin® patch works

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The patch represents a completely new approach to tackling allergies, especially food allergies (notably peanut and cow’s milk protein allergy).


More traditional methods have not always been very child-friendly – injections, for example, are rarely popular amongst younger people. In addition to the unpleasant or even painful aspect to certain older treatment methods, there was always the risk of anaphylaxis lurking in the background.


With the Viaskin® patch, this danger is practically eliminated, principally because the blood-skin barrier is not broken in this form of treatment. It’s also an extremely versatile method to use, as the same basic technology can be adapted to treat different allergies. What’s more, the patch can be filled with different quantities of the immunoactive compound in question in line with individual patients’ needs.