French firm Taillardat offers luxury furniture that’s practical as well as stylish

If you’d like your home to stand out from the crowd, the website is a great first port of call. Showcasing luxury furniture designs from France; this is a one stop shop for anyone wanting to create an atmosphere of timeless elegance and opulence in their home.

Louis xvi chest of drawers models include the Mereville


French furniture design has long been a byword for excellence, and modern-day manufacturers can draw on a rich heritage to find inspiration for their latest creations. Taillardat is especially interested in recreating looks from the 17 and 1800s. This could mean Louis XV and Louis XVI style armchairs, console tables that wouldn’t have looked out of place during the Regency period and empire furniture inspired by styles that were first fashioned in the time of Napoleon.

Taillardat furniture is designed to be functional, as well as to look good. Large chests of drawers are an excellent way of keeping clutter at bay, and with the Mereville design seen below, you can be both practical and stylish. This particular model is made of mahogany and features a marble top.