Electrospray technology is at the heart of DBV-Technologies’ Viaskin patch.

High-tech is part of DBV Technologies’ DNA. So it’s not surprising that it plays a huge part in the creation of this French firm’s anti-allergy patch. At DBV Technologies.com you’ll be able to see exactly how products like the Viaskin peanut patch are made, and how they work.

electrospray technology is crucial to the Viaskin patch

Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

An epicutaneous immunotherapy approach, the Viaskin patch works as follows: the electrospray in the photograph below sprays a stream of antigens onto the patch’s titanium backing. This layer dries. When placed upon the skin, a kind of condensation chamber effect is created, which moisturizes the skin and allows the dry layer of antigens to solubilize and penetrate the upper layer of the epidermis. This is where the Langerhans cells are to be found, which are the body’s most tolerogenic cells. This makes it less risky to introduce antigens into this particular part of the patient’s body. The patch can be taken off at any time, and offers real potential as a painless way of desensitizing the body to antigens without running the risk of triggering an anaphylactic shock.