DBV-Technologies – could hope be in sight for those suffering from common food allergies?

Despite incredible advances in medical science, there are still many conditions and ailments that cause suffering to millions on a daily basis. Allergies and especially food allergies definitely loom large for many people, having a real impact on quality of life for large numbers of people throughout the world.

DBV Technologies (http://www.dbv-technologies.com/en/) is committed to developing new ways of not just relieving the symptoms of allergies, but actually getting to the heart of the problem through desensitization. Thanks to a special patch worn on the arm, allergy sufferers now have a chance to build up their body’s ‘tolerance levels’ to the allergens that are triggering reactions.

The Viaskin® food allergy treatment patch is being developed in cow’s milk and peanut formats

Source : http://www.dbv-technologies.com

By clicking here, you can access full details of the technology behind this revolutionary solution, the Viaskin® patch (pictured below). Comprising a backing covered with electrically-charged active compounds (the allergens), an adhesive crown and a condensation chamber, the patch’s components combine to deliver the allergens to the tolerogenic Langerhans cells in the skin. The delivery method is painless and at no time is the skin-blood barrier broken, making this potentially a great way of treating and diagnosing allergies in both children and adults.