Airgetintouch – an online resource that’s set to be a boon to the aerospace industry! is a website that could really help your company if it’s involved in the aviation or space industry in any significant way. It acts as a directory-cum-network of relevant companies working in a broad sweep of different areas across the aerospace spectrum. Suppliers come to the site in order to create connections with potential buyers and to promote their goods and services, which are classed according to different specializations for ease of navigation, such as Buyers visit it not just to source suppliers, but also because it provides a space where strong business relationships can be formed. You can identify potential partners, investigate the benefits of clusters to your business and more. Firms already present on the site range from specialists in avionic components, aircraft instruments and design software, to maintenance, repair and operations services and data analysis. As you’ll see if you follow the link below, the space industry is also represented.

aerospace systems are one field of the space industry served by


The focal point of the website’s activities are in Europe at the moment, but it is expected that this emphasis will shift over time to other parts of the world.